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Managing System and Application Performance with HP Software Print E-mail

 Course information
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 U8565S Managing System and Application Performance with HP Software 1000 EUR 4 days

Course overview

This 4-day course gives students a solid understanding of performance management throughout the enterprise. While focusing on HP Performance Agent Software and HP Performance Manager Software, it also introduces other performance tools such as HP Internet Services Software, HP Reporter Software, and Smart Plug-ins (SPIs). Students learn how to integrate HP Software performance tools into Network Node Manager, HP Operations Software and other custom solutions. Extensive labs are available on UNIX and Windows.


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 Course Objective 

 Course Outline 

After completing this course you will know how to:
  • Collect performance metrics affecting the systems and applications that are in your environment, use the tools to analyze that data, and generate reports
  • Define and configure alarms that affect your performance or service level
  • Use the HP Software performance tools, including Performance Agent, Performance Manager, Internet Services, Reporter and SPIs
  • Configure Data Source Integration (DSI) to pull in 3rd party or homegrown collected data
  • Integrate a customized performance solution into HP Operations Software, NNM, or other environment
  • Introduction to Performance Management
  • A Glance at Performance
  • Working with HP Performance Agent Software
  • HP Performance Software Alarming
  • Working with HP Performance Manager Software
  • Using HP Performance Manager Software
  • Customizing HP Performance Manager Software
  • Extending the HP Performance Agent Software
  • Integrating HP Performance Software with HP Software Products
  • Working with Smart Plug-ins (SPIs)
  • Working with HP Reporter Software
  • Using HP Internet Services Software
 Course schedule:
 N/A There is currently no schedule available for this course.



Please contact  ASYSTA Ltd. on +359 2 9733564 or +359 2 9733825 for additional course schedule appointment or accomodation details.
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