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HP Operations Software for UNIX II (Advanced Administration) Print E-mail

 Course information
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 H4357S HP Operations Software for UNIX II (Advanced Administration) 1250 EUR 5 days

Course overview

This 5-day course is the second of two courses on HP Operations 8.x Software for UNIX. Learn how to effectively monitor, control, and report on the health and performance of your heterogeneous IT environment by using HP Operations Software for UNIX.


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 Course Objective 

 Course Outline 

  • Perform advanced troubleshooting
  • Configure HTTPS communication with agents, including the use of proxies and certificates
  • Create additional reports after learning more about the database schema and Oracle
  • Provide a distributed SNMP trap management strategy
  • Reduce messages using duplicate suppression and message keys
  • Use ECS or Composer correlations for message reduction
  • Perform alternative, secure, or off-line agent installations
  • Understand the models for flexible management and be able to implement them
  • Create new service hierarchies for the service navigator, using SNVP or XML
  • Enhance security by using techniques for managing through firewalls, PAM, and filtering remote actions
  • Describe the factors that affect HP Operations Software performance
  • Use HP Operations Software in high availability environments
  • Overview
  • Architecture
  • Alternative Techniques for Agent Installation
  • HP Operations Software Communication and Firewalls
  • Certificate Use and Management
  • Advanced Troubleshooting
  • Oracle for HP Software
  • Distributed SNMP Trap Management
  • Message Reduction
  • Message Correlation with ECS and Composer
  • Flexible Management Overview
  • Escalation: an Introduction to Manager-Manager Flexibility
  • Selective Message Passing
  • Agent-Based Flexibility
  • Alerting Other Managers: Message Forwarding
  • Service Hours and Scheduled Outages
  • Concepts for Constructing Service Hierarchies
  • Constructing Service Hierarchies with SNVP
  • Constructing Service Hierarchies with XML
  • Customizing the Java GUI
  • Extending Functionality with Smart Plug-Ins
  • Securing HP Operations Software Usage
  • Performance Considerations
  • High Availability Support
 Course schedule:
 N/A There is currently no schedule available for this course.



Please contact  ASYSTA Ltd. on +359 2 9733564 or +359 2 9733825 for additional course schedule appointment or accomodation details.
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