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HP Operations Software for UNIX I (Administration) Print E-mail

 Course information
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 H4356S HP Operations Software for UNIX I (Administration) 1250 EUR 5 days

Course overview

This five-day course is the first of two courses on HP Operations 8.x Software for UNIX. Learn how to effectively monitor, control, and report on the health and performance of your heterogenous IT environment by using HP Operations Software for UNIX.


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 Course Objective 

 Course Outline 

  • Create or modify HP Operations Software accounts
  • Set up and configure system and application monitoring through templates or policies
  • Configure automatic responses to application problems
  • Interface HP Operations Software with trouble ticketing and notification systems
  • Troubleshoot basic HP Operations Software problems
  • Perform a basic agent installation
  • Create the building blocks used for constructing operator workspaces, including new tools, groups of nodes, message categories, and presentation layouts
  • Use the Motif and Java-based GUI to perform operational tasks
  • Choose how to monitor any application using the techniques available: logfiles, thresholds, SNMP traps, messaging
  • Administer and maintain HP Operations Software (set passwords, generate reports, perform backups, etc.)
  • Enterprise Management Solutions
  • Introduction to HP Operations Software
  • The HP Operations Software Operator
  • The Java-Based GUI
  • Using Service Navigator
  • HP Operations Software Administrator
  • Creating Operator Workspaces
  • Additional Workspace Elements
  • Creating New Desktop Applications
  • Overview of System and Application Monitoring
  • Monitoring Log Files
  • Discriminating Between Log Messages
  • Pattern Matching
  • Configuring Message Action
  • More on Message Configuration
  • Message Interceptor opcmsg
  • SNMP Trap Interceptor
  • Threshold Monitoring
  • Embedded Performance Component
  • Scheduled Actions Template
  • Node Configuration
  • HP Operations Software Backup
  • Basic HP Operations Software Troubleshooting
 Course schedule:
 N/A There is currently no schedule available for this course.



Please contact  ASYSTA Ltd. on +359 2 9733564 or +359 2 9733825 for additional course schedule appointment or accomodation details.
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