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HP Performance Insight Software Administration II Print E-mail

 Course information
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 U7380S HP Performance Insight Software Administration II 1250 EUR 5 days

Course overview

This 5-day course will make students self-sufficient in building Performance Insight reporting solutions and in the implementation and automation of advanced Performance Insight deployments – including multi-server, distributed, and failover configurations using HP Performance Insight Software. This lecture and lab course is taught on Windows® platforms, but includes information for operating OVPI on Unix systems.


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 Course Objective 

 Course Outline 

  • Integrate Performance Insight with NNM
  • Configure Threshold Alerts from Performance Insight to NNM
  • Setup redundant Performance Insight servers
  • Automate Performance Insight Routine Maintenance
  • Design Reports and Forms
  • Create Data Collection Tables
  • Aggregate and Rollup Data
  • Create reports with Report Builder
  • Create Basic ASCII Datapipes
  • Package Reporting Solutions for Distribution
  • HP Performance Insight Software Introduction and Demonstration
  • HP Performance Insight Software Admin I Review
  • HP Performance Insight Software and NNM Integration
  • HP Performance Insight Software Multi-Server Installation
  • Threshold Alerts from HP Performance Insight Software to NNM
  • Distributed HP Performance Insight Software Deployments
  • HP Performance Insight Software Remote Poller Installation
  • Provisioning Distribution
  • HP Performance Insight Software Redundancy
  • Automating HP Performance Insight Software Routine Maintenance
  • Introduction To Report Builder
  • Process Overview: Reporting Solution Development
  • Reporting Solution Design
  • Creating Data Collection Tables
  • Data Aggregation and Rollup
  • Using Report Builder
  • Form Design
  • Creating Basic ASCII Datapipes
  • Datapipe TEEL Commands for Building Reporting Solutions
 Course schedule:
 N/A There is currently no schedule available for this course.



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