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 Course information
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 UC341S HP Network Node Manager Software II 1250 EUR 5 days

Course overview

This course provides the tools for you to move from Network Management Administrator to Network Management Architect. You'll learn how to design a distributed solution and implement it effectively. This course covers complete training on Extended Topology and Problem Diagnosis. The Extended Topology deployment section includes labs using an SNMP simulation package (MIMIC), which allows the product to be run in a live environment to simulate common problems that can occur during deployment and how to troubleshoot them. This 5 full-day course is 40 percent lecture and 60 percent hands-on.


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 Course Objective 

 Course Outline 

  • Understand the use and importance of replication, domains and collection stations
  • Become familiar with the DIM automatic failover feature
  • Discover and manage Layer-2 switched environments as well as layer-3 routed environments
  • Maximize scalability for Extended Topology discovery
  • Describe and configure how ET supports network protocols (VLAN, OSPF, HSRP, IPV6, etc…)
  • Describe and configure ET discovery of Overlapping Address Domains (private IP addresses and static NAT)
  • Describe the operation of the Active Problem Analyzer
  • Introduction
  • Distributed Internet Monitoring Concepts
  • Understanding Replication
  • Configuring Management and Collection Stations
  • Managing Overlapping Collection Domains
  • Configuring DIM Automatic Failover
  • Configuring Event Forwarding
  • Discovering Device Connectivity with ET
  • Enabling Extended Topology
  • Controlling Extended Topology Discovery
  • Discovering Overlapping IP Address Domains
  • Active Problem Analyzer
  • Device Management Details
  • Configuring Extended Topology Discovery of OSPF
  • Configuring Extended Topology Discovery of Redundant Routing Protocols
  • Creating Extended Topology Filters
  • Using Problem Diagnosis
  • Configuring Problem Diagnosis
  • Appendix: Configuring Extended Topology Discovery of IPv6
  • Appendix: Managing Resources Management Consoles
 Course schedule:
 N/A There is currently no schedule available for this course



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